Saïda Fakher

  • Lives in
    Amsterdam, the Netherlands
    Dutch, English, Arabic
    Dutch, Arabic, Chinese


#Tagged, series starring Saïda, won a Golden Rose in London 1th of dec, 2019!

Saïda Fakher is an Emmy Young Creative nominated Actress, writer and producer. Known from several Dutch tv series such as ‘VakkenVullers’ & ‘#SWIPE’. Swipe has been selected ‘best series’ all over the world and has won Best Screenwriting award at the Hollyweb Film Festival. She is also been involved as a producer in a number of international film projects.

Saïda was selected from hundreds of thousands of applications from around the world to study at the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles, Hollywood.

She played in the internationally-awarded short film Typing … by Mirthe Venbrux. At Orkater, Fakher played with Gijs de lange, Margôt Ross and Leopold Witte in the theater production of Amsterdammers and played the lead role in Elckerlyc, under the direction of Esther Bolthe with theater company Suburbia.

In Hollywood, she was part of the cast of the short film You Weren’t There, which premiered at the Unleashed Festival in Melbourne, Australia. She is an allround performer. She does act, sing and dance and has won the international Visual Identity Awards (IVIA) The annual IVIA award ceremony is the world’s largest independent election in the field of visual identity and brand development. Saïda Fakher is an ambisous and talented young lady, ready to bring the right energy to your film project.

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