Iyad Hajjaj


  • Country
    LA,California, USA
  • Where to book
    LA, California, USA & Middle East & Morocco
  • Languages
    Speaks: Arabic (Different dialects), English, limited Hebrew fluency and little Spanish.

Iyad started Acting in the Middle East as a teenager, has always admired art and took every opportunity to learn.
Most recently Iyad guest starred on Fox TV show Touch, co-starred on the  TV show Eagleheart and played a supporting role in feature film Thunder Run starring Gerard Butler and directed by Simon West. Iyad has won Best Supporting Actor at the 168 film Festival 2012 for his role in Refuge, and produced several films that circulated in various film festivals.

Currently, Iyad has been booked on a couple of episodes for the new HBO TV show called The Brink, where Jack Black and Tim Robins are his colleague actors. Furthermore, he has been part of a video that went viral called ‘Love Has NO Labels’

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