Iyad Hajjaj


  • Country
    LA,California, USA
  • Where to book
    LA, California, USA & Middle East & Morocco
  • Languages
    Speaks: Arabic (Different dialects), English, limited Hebrew fluency and little Spanish.

Iyad Hajjaj is a multi award winning Actor, started his career as a child in Rambo III. Iyad has extensive and diverse filmography.

Most recently he joined the cast of UNIVERSAL Feature film THE HUNT, worked on SHOWTIME TV show Black Monday, NBC Sitcom WILL AND GRACE, CBS TV show SEAL TEAM, USA TV show SHOOTER, AMAZON original series TRANSPARENT, CBS show Madam Secretary, TNT show AGENT X and Recurred on HBO TV show The Brink, with Jack Black and Tim Robins. Iyad played a supporting role in the feature film THE WIZARD starring Jon Voight; 

Additionally, Iyad worked as a cultural advisor on several Major Films and TV Shows. 

Iyad has worked closely with Hollywood Executive Producers and Directors.

Some of Iyad’s hobbies are: karate, horseback riding, hiking, colored pencil drawing for love and peace, soccer, and singing in Arabic. In addition to teaching acting classes, Iyad is an Arab Folk Dance (Dabka) instructor.


Iyad graduated Bethlehem University as a physical Therapist, and is certified as a Behavioral Therapist. In both fields, Iyad worked with both physically and developmentally challenged individuals and couldn’t appreciate life more.

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