Ahmed Salah Abdelfatah (Arabicأحمد صلاح عبد الفتاح‎‎; born in 1949) is a Dutch actor raised in France who has Moroccan-Yemenite roots. He is usually typecast to play an old Moroccan man, either an imam or a (grand)father. He lives in Amsterdam, is married and has a daughter and a son.[1] He has acted in the following productions:


  • Coach (2009, Joram Lürsen)
  • Dunya & Desie (2008, Dana Nechustan)
  • Sextet (2007, Eddy Terstall)
  • Color me bad (2007, Hesdy Lonwijk),
  • Shouf Shouf Habibi! (2004, Albert ter Heerdt),
  • Oesters van Nam Kee (2002, Pollo de Pimentel),
  • Polleke (2003, Ineke Houtman),
  • Najib en Julia (2003, Theo van Gogh),
  • The Zone (2001),
  • do not disturb (1999, Dick Maas),