Dutch (Native), Fluent French, English

She has an international appearance and, in addition to her work as an actress, has
a passion for photography. In her spare time, she works as a presentation coach and
trains young female entrepreneurs to tell their stories on stage with confidence.

Alwien Tulner was born in South Africa and returned to the Netherlands when
she was four years old, together with both her parents and sister.
She grew up in Hilversum and knew at a fairly young age that the stage was her
place and that she wanted to become an actress when she grew up.
After high school, she moved to Amsterdam where she started her acting career at
the Amsterdam drama school.
After her education, she wanted to broaden her horizons and first went to Paris for 9
years, the city she dreamed of since childhood.
Here she learned French at the Alliance Française and followed several renowned
the film, theater, and film courses.
Studio Pygmalion, masterclasses in camera acting in Paris.
Ecole Florent: renowned theater school where, after long auditions, she was selected
as the only foreign girl to follow this training for free.

She attended several Masterclasses and was taught by great French film and
television talents, including Isabelle Huppert and Vincent Landon.
After her education, she toured France with a French company “Dernière seance”
and performed various roles on French soil.
Phèdre : by Jean Racine
House clos : of Jean Paul Sartre
After 9 years she wanted to continue her career opportunities in the Netherlands and
soon got the opportunity to play several leading roles in major drama series,
Rose Fragrance and Vodkalime for Rtl.
Heart rate for the NCRV
Deadline for the Vara ea.
In addition, she hosts a car program and is currently appearing in a youth series
Zapp detective.
Alwien is a very versatile, passionate actress who has earned her spurs at home and

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