Comedian, actress, storyteller… Amal Ayouch is one of the most representative figures of the Moroccan cultural scene.

Multi-faceted artist, she played critical roles in several successful movies such as « Destin de femmes », « Ali Zaoua », « Les Anges de Satan », « Les années de l’exil », « Les jeux de l’amour », « Femmes en miroir », «L’anniversaire », « Sotto Vocce », « L’orchestre de minuit »… in which she incarnated the different faces of the Moroccan woman.

She also played in international movies such as : La Française, The Gospel of John,  The Red Tent, The Gospel of Matthew, The Gospel of Mark, Eye on Juliet….

Her appearance in “Antigone”, “En attendant Godot” by Samuel Beckett, « Ophélie n’est pas morte” by Nabyl Lahlou and “La Civilisation Ma Mère” which is adapted from the novel of Driss Chraïbi, shows her love for the scene and how much she is engaged in the world of theatre. 

Passionated by nature, Amal is an emblematic figure of the community life. In fact, her piece “Violenscène” is based on the testimonials of single mothers from the “Solidarité Féminine” association, of which she is the godmother.

She is also a founding member of “La Fondation des Arts Vivants”, working and militating for the promotion of the theatrical culture in Morocco.

Several times jury member both national and international, we find her alongside such prom

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