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    Europe, Algiers, USA, Middle East

Winner of the Best Actor Award for his portrayal of an Iraqi refugee in the drama Battle Fields, Anouar continues working as an Actor and Voice Actor on different film and television productions, the latest ones being Universal Pictures’ “Jarhead 4”, and the upcoming Sony Pictures’ “Charlie’s Angels”. In October 2018, he was presented with the Media Hero Award by one of the largest National Veterans Organizations in the United States and the City of Los Angeles, California for promoting peace in his different works.

Anouar H. Smaine took his first acting steps at the age of 9 in the feature Drama “Cry of Rock”. His young acting career was interrupted by Algeria’s civil war when he left his home country of Algeria for Paris then Hollywood. Many years of training later, he collaborates with Director Kimberly Jentzen and Clint Eastwood’s legendary Cinematographer Jack N. Green (Dirty Harry, Unforgiven) on the Academy Award Qualified film “Reign”. Anouar also acts in the multiple Award-Winning film “Sharia”. His new work on “Battle Fields” in which he plays an Iraqi refugee, garners high acclaim and Awards worldwide.



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