Arabic, English, French ( Spoken, Read, Written)

 Cynthia Khalifeh, (February 16 1992), is a Lebanese actress and TV personality.

Having marked her acting debut at the tender age of 11 where she played a supporting role in 2
episodes of the then famous Abdo w Abdo Lebanese sitcom, the young talent have pursued her passion
for acting at the age of 17, through numerous projects and productions, appearing in many pan-Arab
Drama productions such as Ruby and Jouzour, Duo el Gharam, Ahmad w Christina, 10 Abid Sghar,
abtal w Haramiyye, Bilahza etc….stamping as of today, at the age of 25, a number of 21 soap operas in
her breathtaking record.

 Born to a family of art lovers and spending most of childhood in an authentic town by the sea in
Lebanon, Cynthia grew up experimenting with all different kinds of self-expression. From singing to
painting, music and acting.


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