• Languages
    Languages: Arabic (Mother tongue), English, French
  • Lives in
  • Skills
    dancing, choregraphy (jazz modern) and music (prof. singing, guitar and piano)


Def was cast for a leading role in “DESTINS CROISES” which earned him his first prize for best actor at Rabat International  Author Film Festival. He played in the American film Queen of the Desert (2016) and Desert Dancing  and Rock the Casbah (2015)

Def played in the English BBC T.V.- film Kidnap Diaries (2011) , English docu-fiction The Physician (2012), German T.V.- film Mogadishu Welcome (2007), Austrian T.V.- film Goodbye Dubai (2013) , German cinema film Exit Marrakech (2012). In 2013, he received  3 leading roles in  the Moroccan  films L’Anniversaire , Hab Romane  and Les Oublies de Dieu. And then followed by other leading roles in cinema in the film Aida (2016) and in T.V.-films  Le Silence de la Memoire (2015) and  Le Choix d’Asmae (2016) and many more…


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