Fanny Carbonnel is a French-born lady with a natural talent for languages. She learned English at an early age, all by herself. Nowadays, she has good notions of Dutch, Spanish and Mandarin too.

Moreover, she has facilities with performing with the American, English, Russian and of course French accent, and you can watch many of her videos which show this off, as she is very social-media friendly.

She auditioned for a very small part in Fantastic Beasts (Harry Potter’s spin-off) and was selected to play Mrs. Goldstein (mother of the 2 lead actresses) in the film which makes her resume bright with being a Harry Potter character!

She began acting with Theater when she was a teen. She already performed in both English and French, at university as well, while she was still in high school. After many positive feedbacks, she decided to take a step forward by moving to Paris and take an on-camera class, studying Meisner technique.

Always wanting to discover new things, she then moved to London where she auditioned for Identity Drama school and learned Tchekhov technique for a year.

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