Arabic/Syrian , Russian , Ukrainian, English , Dutch. (Ability to learn foreign languages and accents quickly.)
    The Netherlands
  • Dance
    Belly dance, contemporary dance, modern dance, salsa, Dabkeh arabic folklore, bollywood dance, freestyle dancer.

Farah was born in Syria where she started her education in acting. After finishing her studies she moved
to Ukraine where she was able to obtain a Diploma in filmmaking. Her next stop was Dubai so she
could build a Career and get exposed to the international filmmaking industry.
Here she is now, in the Netherlands, trying to keep up with her dreams and trying to achieve her goals as an Actress.

Farah is known for Trojaanse Wijven ( the trojan women) “De Parade Festival”  Echt Hout comedy short, Rood licht “LIKEMINDS Festival” Theater performance
Story of children in war, voice over “WAR CHILD” 3D podcast The netherlands 2018, Talent is Everywhere, Short film
Fetnet Zamanha, Tv-series, Dubai 2015, Nikolai Gogol (Marriage) Theater play
Anton Chekhov (three sisters) Theater play, Albert Camou (the stranger) Theater play
Anton Chekhov (Ivanov) Theater play, Saadallah Wannous( Rape), Theater play
Souria Ardee Wa Jozourriy ,Feature film, Fawdaa, Feature film