Arabic (mother tongue), English (Master degree at VU), Dutch (very well), French (conversional).
    Dialects: Amsterdam of Dutch; Berber of Moroccan, Other Arabic dialects such as Egyptian, Iraqis, Syrian

Fatima Bax is a Dutch Moroccan actress, Arabic voice-over, model and trainings actor born
and raised in Morocco. Fatima Bax is known from the reconstruction TV program called
“opsporingsverzocht " in the episode of 1 May 2018 with the title Zoetermeer lawyer (38)
stabbed by client.

Fatima Bax has experience with camera acting and photo shoots. Her latest films are;
“paradise stormers” in 2015 playing the role of a mother under the direction of Fleur van der
Meulen and the festival film “IF” in 2017 as a cook, directed by Hans Pronk.
Fatima is following an acting study at faaam (Film Actors Academy Amsterdam) and will be
graduated in June 2020

She works now as an actress, model, training actor at VU universitydepartmenet Care and
Welfare and as a voice-over (Arabic).

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