Ghino is know for CHECKPOINT which has won golden stuiver for best T.V. program for children (okt 2014)
KNOWN FOR Kankerlijers (2014) | Roffa (2013) | Van God los (2012)

  • Country
    The Netherlands
  • Where to Book
    The Netherlands & Europe & Morocco
  • Languages
    English, Dutch, Surinam, Portuguese, Malay
  • Dialects
    Moroccan, Brabants, Amsterdam
  • Skills
    Sports: Muay Thai Martial arts tricking, Free running

Born on 26 november 1990 in Holland, Nieuwegein as Jorginho Girbaran or called Ghino. He started at an age of 5 years old with Martial Arts and acrobatics.

At an age of 13 he started Martial arts Tricking and got inspired by a good friend to become a stuntman. 

So with no experience he went to the Actors Academy in Amsterdam and he got in. June 2014 he graduated of the Academy and works as an Actor/Stuntman and is a Muay Thai instructor.  Stuntteam Hammy de Beukelaer.

The latest project Ghino played in was a videoclip by Ummet Ozcan, a famous DJ and producer, where he played the lead role.


Physical Characteristics 

Height: 1.72 Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black Glasses / Lens: no
Tatoos: No
Scars: Yes / Neck, neck, groin
Skin: Tinted From: Surinamese, Javanese, Hindu stand

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