• Languages & accents
    Arabic, English, Spanish, French and Accents: Russian, Middle Eastern, Spanish, French, Italian
  • Origin
  • Lives in
    LA, California
  • Skills
    Martial Arts, Boxing and various sports.

Gino currently has a small beard.

The first being the “Bodyguard” starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner and the second “Only the Strong,” directed by Sheldon Lettich

Creating his first big break with an introduction to James Cameron which led to a role in the film “True Lies with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis.  Being cast as a ” bread van terrorist 2″ and an independent British film “Command Approved” ,” All About The Benjamin’s”  Bad Boys 2″. Gino then played the roles on the hit TV show “24” with Kiefer Sutherland in its fourth season and “NCIS LA” with Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J.

Leaving no media opportunity untested Gino reinvented itself with a role in “Spartan” working with renowned writer /Director/ Producer David Mamet , Fifty Cents “Bullet Proof” and finally in meeting with Director Peter Burg for a role in “The Kingdom” as member of special forces.
A good friend and mentor Robert Miano led to the role of Ahmed, a Taliban fighter in “Being American” . Gino then flew to Miami to take on the challenge as a menacing Middle Eastern arms dealer Rashad, in the internationally recognized television show “Burn Notice”episode titled “Down & Out” 

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