Hakim Traïdia (Besbes, Algeria, July 27 1956) is a Dutch-Algerian theater and mime artist, filmmaker, writer and director who is best known to the general public through his role on Sesame Street.

Languages: Dutch, Arabic, French, some Italian, Spanish, German and Spanish

His ability to tell stories developed in his youth. He grew up playing in a world without television, in which storytelling an important role. His father and especially his uncle Achmed were great storytellers. For these stories not to mention Hakim wrote them down, and in 1996 published them in book form as the beam the sand crown. This book, which he made with his brother Karim Traïdia ( Golden Globe nominated with his film The Polish Bride) and partner Martien van Vuure, was awarded in 1997 with a Flag and Pennant Granger Jury.

In 2001, the successor Sindbad appeared pizza delivery that he made again with Martien van Vuure. The book is based on their performance Sinbad the sailor.

In 2006, the NTR start multicultural television Valsplat. From the beginning Hakim go in street confrontations with the public to get reaction on numerous subjects and exposed them to the multicultural society.

In 2011, Hakim plays a major role in the film Pizzamaffia director Tim Oliehoek.

In 2014, Hakim starred in the music video Maskerman Stef Bos. The Maskerman song comes from the album Beautiful Mad World.

Currently Hakim is the owner of Circus Hakim, a theater school for children and he is working on a number of feature film projects.

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