His first taste of acting was at the age of 11 years old when he was asked to audition for a TV-commercial. At the Rudolf Steiner College in Rotterdam was a great emphasis on art and acting. He liked this very much and joined later in life the theatre company Amnesty International Waterweg Noord where he played the prisoner Victor in  One for the Road of  Harold Pinter in The Netherlands and abroad. He played the brother of Etty Hillesum on stage and was cast for a lead in a Dutch 10 part TV-series called: “ In het vuur van de storm” where he played a Dutch resistance fighter in the second world war. The series was broadcasted on Netflix. 

He also made his documentary debut as the father of Eugene Dubois which was hosted by the famous English writer and presenter Redmond O’Hanlon. He did several workshops on screenwriting, stage and sword fighting, and he shot and edited on 8 mm and 16 mm film. Harry studied Meisner under the direction of Deb Mulholland at the Mulholland Acting & Film academy in Amsterdam. He is also working as a director and producer.


Harry speaks: Dutch, Slavic, English, German 

Harry lives in the Netherlands.

To book him please send an e-mail to jackjillcastagent@gmail.com