Fluent Arabic, Darija (Moroccan Dialect), English and French
    Morocco, she frequently travels to New York City as her sister resides there

Imane El Mechrafi is a Moroccan Actress born in Rabat .

She graduated from the prestigious university, ISADAC, also known as “The Higher Institute of Art and Cultural Studies” where she excelled in theater, improvisation and cinema.

She played as the main female role in Faouzi Bensaidi’s movie, Death for Sale, which has gathered worldwide attention and prizes , Selected for the Academy Awards Best Foreign movie race 2013, Best movie in Berlin Film festival 2012 , Best Movie in San Francisco Film Festival 2012.

Imane enjoys challenging herself as an actress and participates in multiple movie/series genres as well as foreign movies including:

Jack Ryan (2018 American TV series with Tom Clancy) 

Sonar (2017 French movie directed by Jean-Philippe Martin)

Un Pari Pimenté (2015 movie directed by Mohammed  Karrat, (nominated in Festival des films du monde de Montréal )

Cléopâtre, les femmes qui ont fait l’Histoire directed by Christian Twente 2013 Documentary.

This multi-dimensionality in acting allows her to adapt to any role and genre and enjoys creating great team dynamics.


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