Irina Isberg is a Finnish born actress with strong experience both on camera and from the stage. She has studied acting, drama and theater in several educational institutions including the University of Tampere, Finnish Theater Institute, American Academy of Dramatic Arts and Art of Acting Studio (Stella Adler Studio Los Angeles). Irina has a MA degree in theater and a BA in Performing Arts. She is constantly developing her craft by taking classes and workshops, both in Europe and in Los Angeles which she considers her home away from home.

Irina’s best known work is her leading role of many years in the most popular and longest running TV-drama series in Finland, The Secret Lives. She was a part of the regular cast since 2013 until 2018. After that her character appeared in the show as a recurring guest star in 2019, -20 and -21. Irina Isberg has also played a lead role in the spin-off series Naughty Aunts, which was a drama-comedy that aired three seasons. It was at first released as a web series, making it record breaking popular and the most watched webisode in Finland’s television history. In 2016 Irina was nominated for the “Best TV performance” of the year by the QX-network in Finland. She has also appeared in several other TV-shows, commercials and films, and has an ongoing career in the theater, recently specializing in musical roles.

In the US Irina has worked in independent cinema and music videos. She also played the female lead in 2017 music video “Rising Tide” by the popular Finnish digital metal band Ember Falls (Universal). Irina Isberg was also a presenter and a host on the popular television channel “Sub” in Finland.

Irina is a very skilled horse rider and has a great horsemanship. She is also a certified yoga teacher and wellness sports instructor.


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