Amsterdam, The Netherlands & can stay in New York, USA

He moved to Amsterdam back in June of 2021 with my husband, Mitchell-lee Van Rooij. Before that, he was a working actor in NYC in theater, musical theater, tv, film, commercials, and voice-over.


“Luckily, Eric’s confidant Grimsby, played by the witty and always reliable J Ryan Carroll, is on deck to enhance the timeless tale.”
Broadway World
By Anthony Hazzard and Scott Stolzenburg

“…while J. Ryan Carroll impresses and entertains as Grimsby.”
The Theatre Guide
By Kristen Weyer

“Major scene stealers include the hysterical J Ryan Carroll as Mr. Shellhammer…”
Broadway World
By Anthony Hazzard and Scott Stolzenburg

“But the comic highlight has to be J. Ryan Carroll as Carmen Ghia, the “common law assistant” to the show-within-a-show’s flamboyant, cross-dressing director. The character is a walking, talking, mincing, lisping catalog of outrageous gay stereotypes, but Carroll makes sure he owns every gesture and pose by imparting dignity along with the hilarity.”
The Wichita Eagle – Wichita, KS
by Bob Curtright

“With a delightful sashay and smile that lights the room, we are introduced to De Bris’ “common-law assistant” Carmen Ghia, played by New York based J Ryan Carroll. Carroll seemed to tap into his inner-Marilyn, his perfect blend of flare and flamboyance quickly made Carmen an audience favorite.”
Emily Skyle Weekly Round-Up KKOH / News Talk 780 KOH Reno-Tahoe, NV

“…J Ryan Carroll knocked it out of the park in the role of his adoring assistant Carmen Ghia.”
Onstageblog.com – Waterbury, CT
By Nancy Sasso Janis

 “J Ryan Carroll as Carmen Ghia (Roger’s assistant) also entertains with every move.”
NY Theater Review – Syracuse, NY
By: Natasha Ashley

“J Ryan Carroll as Carmen Ghia, houseboy to Roger De Bris (John B. Boss), is an absolute scene-stealer every time on stage.”

Telegram – Worcester, MA

-By Kevin T. Baldwin
Telegram & Gazette Reviewer

” Another favorite introduced later in the show is Carmen Ghia played by J Ryan Carroll. This over the top queen, controls the stage and audience with simply an arm and a few shakes here and there.”
ABQ To Do – Albuquerque, NM
By: Ricky Garcia

“As the show goes on, we are introduced to director Roger De Bris and his partner Carmen Ghia, who are played by John B. Boss and J. Ryan Carroll, respectively.  De Bris is a flamboyant in his director’s chair, while Ghia takes everything on with a dramatic flair. Yet another great casting moment.”
Albuquerque Journal – Albuquerque, NM
By Adrian Gomez

“John B. Boss and J. Ryan Carroll are paired well as the flamboyant Roger De Bris and Carmen Ghia, respectively.” 
Broadway World – Salt Lake City, UT
by: Tyler Hinton

“The minor characters will have you smiling and laughing as well.  From J Ryan Carroll as Doris’ jingle loving assistant Shellhammer…”
The Theatre Guide – Long Island
by Kristen Weyer

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