Jan Sebastian van Setten

    Dutch*, English*,American-English*
    The Netherlands

Jan Sebastian van Setten was born on 19 Januari 1977, in Amsterdam the Netherlands. He’s born to an Irish mother, so his english vocabulary is excellent.
Jan Sebastian has finished an theater school, aswell as the “TV College in Hilversum. Where he has been offered many smaller roles in Dutch television. He started making a name for himself within the Dutch market. Playing in various big soap series like “Goede tijden, slechte tijden.” and “Flikken¬† Maastricht.” Also making a big appearance in “The Judgement.

Jan Sebastian wanted to take his career forwards, so he took another course at the “de Trap” film/tv academy in 2017. Jan Sebastian wanted more, to go international, so he went to the “MET Film School” in London. Where he got various smaller roles, aswell as a bigger one in the award winning “Trigger Finger.” Now in 2019, Jan Sebastian was approached by Warner Bros Amsterdam where he was casted for one of the Netherlands biggest series, “Flikken Maastricht.” Where he played in an amount of scenes.

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