Jawad Elbe is a Belgian-Moroccan Actor living in Brussels (Belgium).
 born on 17 January 1987 in Brussels (Belgium).

2014 Jawad follows a masterclass in Paris given by Michelle Danner (acting coach of Hollywood stars).The year 2018 is for Jawad a good year, he has a role in a Netflix series called “The Spy” directed by Gideon Raff with the main actor Sacha Baron Cohen. And so far … Jawad is still involved in feature films and series in Belgium and Morocco

From a young age, Jawad already liked to make his family and his classmates laugh.
Jawad  was a good soccer/football player; he played in Belgian teams 17 years, before he got injured during a football game.It was in 2003 that Jawad discovered the theater thanks to a friend. He joined the “Le Tefo” theater association. He received theater training from the director Jean-François Jacobs. He has done 4 plays with the tefo troupe.In 2007 Jawad received his management degree in Dutch. After many years of studies Jawad decided in 2008 to enroll in the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. He then had to pass auditions, which he succeeded with great success. He is then supervised by professionals and a drama course from Michelle Dewarze and Nicolas Pirson.

2008 and 2009 are also the years in which Jawad participated in feature films as well as short films.

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