Kamal Moummad is a multilingual actor (French, English, Spanish, Arabic) who currently lives in Los Angeles. After several years as a professional basketball player – and a cameo role alongside Will Ferrell and Woody Harrelson in Semi Pro – Kamal found success first in a modeling career and, ultimately, in his true passion, acting. 

His diverse background and talents make him a perfect fit for a wide range of roles, from freed slave and loyal servant to African Special Forces Agent, from Timbuktu refugee to captain of the British South African Police Force. Kamal has been featured next to some of Hollywood’s and Bollywood’s elite, playing such roles as a Senegalese ambassador, an illegal miner, a powerful Black Panther member, a suicidal student, and a UN interpreter.

Aside from his work on the big screen, Kamal’s passion for family and community life has led him to doing meaningful work as a Humanitarian and a Peace Ambassador. 

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