He speaks 5 languages: English (fluent), Dutch (fluent), Moroccan-Arabic (fluent), French (reasonably well), German (reasonably well).
    The Netherlands
  • Origin
    Moroccan, born 1971
  • Hobbies
    reading, going to the theatre and the movies, soccer, kick boxing, boxing and cross fit.

Karim El Guennouni is an all-around actor who has mastered drama as well as comedy. After five years of intensive theatre study he completed his degree at the theatre school in Amsterdam, where he focused on Method acting, Le coq, Laban, Comedia del arte, and the Japanese Noh and Butoh theatre.

Karim’s primary talent is that he can convincingly play many different roles, whether it is drama or comedy. He has mastered it all, because of his Method acting abilities. Another strength of Karim is his physical acting. Each character tells its own story through its own physical expression.

He has performed in over thirty-five theatre productions, including “Endgame” (Samuel Becket), “Les Precieuze Ridicule” (Moliére), “Fool for Love” (Sam Shepard) and “Spring Awakening” (Frank Wedekind). On screen and in television Karim has played a wide variety of roles. He performed in the movies: ‘Dancing with the Devil’ (as the mayor), ‘Witches don’t Exist’ (as the kidnapper and the doctor), ‘The Angel of Revenge’ and ‘Valentino’.

Karim is also known for his guest performances in multiple television series, such as ‘The Russians’, ‘Shouf Shouf’, ‘Koefnoen’ and ‘Vila Buttocks’.
Since 2004 Karim has been active as a screenplay writer, actor and director for his own theatre production house ‘The Pig Factory’. In 2009 he wrote and performed in his own television production ‘Harrirah’.

From 2016 onward, Karim has taught camera acting, character building and transformation at multiple acting schools in The Netherlands

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