Paris, France & Amsterdam, The Netherlands & Casablanca, Morocco
    Fluent: French, Arab (all accents) , Darisja (Moroccan dialect) & English

Karim Saidi is a French actor of Moroccan descent, born in Provence (Var) on July 17, 1973. He landed his first acting role when he was age 32, lighting up the screen as a Palestinian Terrorist in Steven Spielberg’s Munich.

Blue Beret, he was deployed to Sarajevo, Rwanda and Tchad before returning to France, enrolling on a course at the Studio Pygmalion in Paris where he was gripped by a sudden passion for acting. Since then, he has acted tirelessly, learning from Directors such as Vincenzo Marano, Michael Dreher, Martin Rauhaus, Abdellatif Kechiche and many more.


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