• Languages
    Arab, French & English
    Paris, France

Layla Metssitane is an actress (French and Morocco) Her recent acting projects include “The Well“ by Lotfi Bouchouchi (Algeria) The movie was considered by The Oscars 2017. The Algerian movie was up for the category best Foreign film.

She interprets Scheherazade in “Once upon a time the Arabian nights” by Bruno Ulmer and Catherine Ulmer, a documentary-fiction from Arte Channel (France-Germany) – won awards in Festivals in USA and Italy

And “Fear and trembling“ : which she adapted, directed and interpreted. It is a novel by the Belgian author Amelia Nothomb and which has won many prizes. She has already performed this play in 27 countries with the support of Shiseido, Yamamoto, and other partners from various countries (Embassies of France, French Institute, Fondation des Alliances Françaises…) She will finish her international touring show in 2018 (UK, Morocco and China)

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