The Netherlands
    Highly skilled: Martial Arts Skilled: Boxing, Football, Kick Boxing, Martial Arts Weaponry
  • Languages
    Native: Dutch High standard: English, German

For her lead in the comical short “The Greengrocer”, which won the Audience Award in 2018 at the 48hfp in Utrecht, Linda got an honourable mention from the judges for her “beautiful and subtle performance”. Linda is seen in multiple short films like the action film “Jagershart” and “Raging Warrior”, the medical film “Too Late” and period piece “Otto”.

The past year she mainly focussed on “Silence Undone”, the short artistic Award Winning drama in which she played the lead and which she wrote based on her own story. In addition to an award, the film received lots of promising reactions.

In addition to film Linda performs, since she graduated as a singer from the Conservatory in Arnhem in 2013, across the globe with spectacle theatre Close Act. With her soulful voice she brings both powerful and fragile songs believable and moving.

Next to acting Linda stunts for film and television. She worked on films like “Redbad”, “Niet Schieten”, “Control”, and TV-series “Zomer in Zeeland and “Der Amsterdam Krimi”.

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