Maarten Römer

    Dutch*, English*, German, Italian
    The Netherlands, Amsterdam

Maarten Römer grew up in Zwolle, the Netherlands

Although he always had an interest in the world of acting it took two studies in business to realise he wanted to chase his dream and become an actor.

In 2016 he moved to Cape Town, South Africa and enrolled at “Act Capetown”, a film acting academy that focusses on smaller classes.

He followed two years of fulltime studies for acting in film among several other courses and while at the end of his first year started working as an actor professionally.

Starting his work with several commercials and short films (FALLING INTO FATE, WAYBACK) as well as a music video for which he learned how to play the violin on a basic level (MR. TARTINI) he got offered a small role in 2020’s BLOODSHOT alongside Guy Pearce and Eiza Gonzalez among others.

In 2019 he shot a short film with Jake Beyer in Iceland (ARCADIA) and decided to move back to the Netherlands, to be able to work as an actor in Europe. Where he since booked his first dutch film (CAPO DI FAMIGLIA II)

As an actor he loves to work with challenging, sometimes damaged characters, as much as playing “the nice guy”.


To book or for inquries, please contact:

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