• Country
    LA, California, USA
  • Languages
    fluent Farsi, Dari, conversational Pashto, Arabic...and most of the Middle Eastern, Spanish and European Accents.
  • Where to book
    USA & Middle East

Maggie Parto comes from a multinational family where the study of languages and culture is cherished.  She grew up in  London, Middle East and Chicago

Her Guest Star role on ABC’s The Rookie, got amazing reviews and showcased her strong acting abilities as well as speaking fluent Farsi.  These days she is busy making movies as well as acting. Her latest project, Speed Date Inn was well received in Cannes

 She speaks fluent Farsi, Dari, conversational but very accurate accent in Pashto, Arabic, Turkish and can easily do most of the Middle Eastern, Spanish and European Accents.

She has a Middle Eastern Passport if needed.

“I’m a Mixed Afghan background and have lived there so I know the culture and life style”

Her extensive travels across Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa have been instrumental in shaping and defining her expertise in the Performing Arts. Maggie eventually settled in Southern California where she studied Theater & Film at the University of California and South Coast Repertory Theater.

She also trained at the original house of Meisner and completed the program in Los Angeles. She has been part of many theater productions as well as numerous Independent and studio Film and TV projects.

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