“Manzul Tavrus, previously athlete and TV host, has recently started his acting career as the lead role in multiple short films in addition to being cast in the TV series Theodosia. This television series produced by the Belgian firm “Be-films” will soon be available for streaming on HBO Max. He also just finished shooting a full-length feature film shot in both Belgium and Italy that is planned for release in cinemas in 2023. Manzul was a part of this project in a support role that included stunts, alongside his brother and three big names of the French and Italian film industry.

In addition, Manzul has had the main role in three professional short films and scored a nomination among Nespresso’s Top 10 Belgian Talents in 2021. He owes his nomination in the international filmmaking contest to a self-production named “Another Chance”, in which he also played the main character.

Determined to pursue his cinematic ambitions, Manzul is committed to turning his achievements into the first of many more.”

Manzul is represented by Ines de Vos,

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