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María Lara was born to Gustavo Salazar, who is a retired Captain of Colombian National Army, and Olga Lara. She is a recognized actress who began her artistic career with the soap opera “Maria Madrugada” where she received a nomination as a “Revelation Actress” in the TV and Novelas Award Colombia 2001

The Colombian actress got her degree in Industrial Engineering from the North University in Barranquilla/Colombia. In 1999, while she was studying, was chosen to represent the department of the Atlantic (Barranquilla City) in the Colombian national beauty pageant. After, she settled in the capital of the country and she started her studies as an actress.

María’s career is now spanning many successful years. Her works include: modeling, TV commercials, theater acting, advertising photos, runway modeling, hosting, TV series, Soap operas and being Live Presenter.

María has participated in more than 25 TV productions that have been seen in more than 16 countries, like some Latin America countries, United States, Spain and incredibly in places like China, Russia, Israel, Romania, Slovenia, among others.

Considered one of the most 50 beautiful artists in Colombia, two of the productions in which she has participated have had the highest rating in the history of the TV. In Colombia, “EL CAPO” and “Grey’s Anatomy” LATAM (“A CORAZON ABIERTO”), has reached the highest rating of all time within the country.

Maria reaffirms her philanthropic inclination working with the foundation “THE WAY TO HAPPINESS INT.” The purpose of this foundation is to raise the level of ethics of society by using their non-political and non-religious materials impacting more than 170 countries with their philosophy.

María, has an artistic show/seminar that has brought this message of ethics to more than 200,000 people in 7 countries of Latin America. She has given her show/seminars to governments, military, police, vulnerable communities and companies, for which she has received more than 150 awards. By its success, was appointed Ambassador to Colombia for “THE WAY TO HAPPINESS INT.”


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