SPOTLIGHT personal page Marie Bouvet

About Marie, the key word is : action.
First of all because it’s a word that she has regularly heard on set for some years now, through feature films as My Baby by Lisa Azuelos, commercials or TV series like Mytho by Fabrice Gobert.

Natural, spontaneous and dynamic, she is often given roles like woman of character who hide their fragility behind an assumed force.
Action also sounds like action movie. Fascinated by the martial arts, she quickly obtains degrees in Krav Maga and Russian Combat; which brings her naturally to stunt. Seeing her voluntary nature and a real ability to work, stunt coordinators open her the doors of their training rooms and their know-how.

Action finally when it comes to making every effort to live her personal projects : humorous series and a photographic project around Transgender, because she doesn’t forget her initial training of artist at the Beaux-Arts in Paris. »

Ines de Vos
Talent Agent 
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