Mariella Kaveo

Mariella Kaveo is a Dutch actress with Spanish roots. She was born in Madrid, raised in The Netherlands and moved to Los Angeles for her study in acting.

Mariella was on stage at an early age, where she started off as a dancer and performed in Dutch theaters until her late teens. Mariella graduated from the University of Tilburg with a Master’s degree in Leisure Studies & Business Communication.

After graduation, Mariella moved to Los Angeles for an intensive acting course at the New York Film Academy.

Once back in the Netherlands, Mariella started working modeling and acting jobs. As an actress, she has since worked on (inter)national TV-commercials (Playstation, Babyliss), regular and co-stars in Dutch TV-shows (Bluf, De Spa, De Bachelor), leads in short films (Boogeyman, Lara) and now also appears on the silver screen in the movie “F*ck de Liefde”, which reached the Dutch recognition of ‘Golden Movie’ just within a week.

Mariella regularly returns to Los Angeles for acting training at the Beverly Hills Playhouse.

Due to her interested in other aspects of film and entrepreneurship, Mariella also works behind the scenes. She worked as a producer on feature films (Redbad, Shake it Off) and documentaries.