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Marwa Khalil has been an actress since the age of eighteen. Her father is an engineer and her mother is a journalist and the daughter of Sabri Hamadeh. In order to flee the war-torn Lebanon, she moved with her parents to other countries; some of which were Saudi Arabia, the United States of America, and France. In 1991, by the end of the war, she returned to Beirut with her family. Marwa was only eleven years old when she discovered her home country. Her passion about the theater started at school when her teacher, the famous actress and director Betty Taoutel, advised her to enroll at the Saint Joseph University. There, she graduated with a BA in Theater Studies winning the best actress award of the promotion Atom Egoyan in the presence of the director. After graduation, she acted in many plays which were directed by some of the greatest directors in Lebanon at the time, such as Roger Assaf, Naji Souraty, Joe Kodeih and Betty Taoutel. In 2006, she moved to Tangier, Morocco to work as a journalist in Medi1Sat television channel. During her stay, she found out that Morocco is overflowed with cinematographic productions.

Then, she starred in television series on the Moroccan television (RTM) and played in foreign productions, alongside with international actors such as Jean du Jardin and Claudia Cardinale. Upon her arrival in Casablanca, she had her first play “Vente O Zone Chair”. For more tricks upon her sleeve, she decided to travel to New York in order to develop her direction and production skills at the New York Film Academy and the Higher Institute of Audiovisual Directing (ESRA) in Paris. Back in Lebanon, she appeared in many Lebanese movies and TV series; Meanwhile, she wrote and directed her own shows; some of which were “Who Killed Marilyn”, “Znoud El-Sit”, and ” ‘A Tariq El-Jannih”. Also, she had a role in the movie “Yalla 3abelkoun” along with Nada Bou Farhat and Darine Hamzeh, which comes in the first place at the Lebanese box office. The movie was written and produced by Nibal Arakji and directed by Elie Khalife.

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