Stockholm, Sweden
    English, Swedish, Arabic & some French

Matez Garci is a multi-talented actor from Sweden with roots from Tunisia, who has entered the movie business on his own terms. He has already earned awards for Best Supporting Actor, Swedish Short film festival 2016 “PAPERS”, Best Short Film At Stockholm Independent Film Festival 2017.
The Ebba Award in Pixels Film Festival 2018.
Male Lead Actor In The Film “Lingonatten”.

Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden in Norsborg which is considered one of the rougher parts of Stockholm, he started his career quite late because of the view his peers had on theater. This did not deter Matez from following his dream to become an actor, because as soon as he moved to the U.S. he attended college and stood between a choice of taking theater class or an extra curricular activity. Straight away he saw it as his opportunity to follow a dream that since long had been lost. Ever since that day his passion and love for theater has guided him towards his goal to become one with his idols. Matez is influenced by Farez Farez who is one of the first immigrant arab actors who made it out of Sweden! Matez says ”he made me realize that its not impossible coming from where I am and reach the goals that I have!”. Matez is also influenced by major actors, such as Adrien Brody, Robert De Niro and Eva Green. Matez says ”What all of them have in common is an undeniable talent and ability to reach deep to discover unknown feelings and use them to portray parts in an astounding fashion.”.
This has already been noted in the Swedish Film industry by critically acclaimed director Erica Elfström who said that ”To work with Matez from my perspective as a director is great. Mo has a high technical acting skill and humor. He comes with ideas and want to be active in the process. I know having Mo as part of my acting crew is a great thing because he will contribute to the whole groups progress. Mo’s acting spectrum is wide and can go to dark places and the fun and light ones”. This landed him a male leading part in the new feature film about Esther Bauer where he is going to portray John Bauer. Matez own thoughts on his acting is that his ability to never shy away from trying new things and always learning as much as possible is his strongest attribute.

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