The Netherlands

Mishaël Abia Lopes Cardozo (1972) is known for his roles in among others Game of Thrones and
Vikings. Mishaël is an international swordmaster, a painter of fine arts, musician, coach and
He is president and founder of the company AMEK, (HEMA, Events & Film)

In 2008 Mishaël was knighted in Holland for his contribution to the reconstruction of the historical
European martial heritage in the lowlands and was elevated to the Dutch Hall of Fame for Martial
Arts in 2014. Winning three times the world championship for stage combat and many medals during his career as a HEMA tournament fighter, opened the door for him to the movie industry. Apart from Acting and HEMA, Mishaël does Motion Capture for computer games and organizes workshops and demonstrations for company events. He is an excellent rider, shoots bow and arrow, throw knives and swing swords. He is a true knight in heart and soul. His goal is to bring authentic historical martial arts back to the silver screen and become the first Dutch action hero.

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