• Lives in
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Dutch,Morrocan English(uk) English(usa),German. French conversational Spanish conversationa
  • Height
    1.71 m

Mohammed Azaay lives in The Netherlands and is a seasoned actor in theatre/film/television.

He recently played in LAYLA M which received an award, the “Golden Calf” 
Furthermore he played a big supporting role in ‘Domino’ of Brian de Palma and a role in the popular Dutch T.V. series ‘Vechtershart”
He played the lead caracter in the musicvideo “Catch and Release”(Deeepend remix )by Matt Simmons which was a massive hit world wide.

Mohammed Azaay graduated from the University of Dramatic Arts in Amsterdam in 2000.
He lives in Amsterdam and is a seasoned actor in Theater/television and Film.

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