Casablanca, Morocco & Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    English, French, Arabic & Moroccan dialect: Darisja

Mouad Lasmak is a director, actor and comedian, Laureate of the Laureate of the Conservatory of Dramatic Art of CASABLANCA, has had several training:
• Storytelling at storytelling center AMSTERDAM.
• Creation of DEGASTEN AMSTERDAM street shows.
• In artistic production within BUREAU BAREL AMSTERDAM.

Has participated in several national and international films such as: Backstabbing for Beginners (2018), Le Bureau des Légendes (2015) and Half the Sky (2015) and television series: “Moudawala”…

“Exercise on freedom” is the title of the theatrical piece produced in collaboration between Moroccan and Catalan artists, under the direction of the Moroccan Ismail Elfallahi presented at the 18th edition of the International Theater Festival in Gerona (Spain) between August 28 and on September 1, 2018, and presented at the La Mercè Cultural Center.

Theater and performance:

Façade, presented A Over Het Ij Festival Amsterdam, El Charit at Meslouh Jalda, Why. Why.3lach A International Storytelling Festival in Amsterdam, And To Be Or Not To Be We Will Be at Degasten Amsterdam.
He is also a theater teacher at Uzine, Touria and Abdelaziz Tazi Foundation, interveners in cultural social projects with young people and children:
– “Dar Amsterdam” Larache socio-cultural center.
– Association Relais Prison for young minors in detention.
Coetch at the Film Festival for Youth in Detention at Okacha Prison.

He collaborates with several institutions and artists from various backgrounds for performance projects, such as the company Col’jam, Bureau Barel …

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