Paris, France and Casablanca, Morocco
    Languages Native: Arabic, English, French High standard: Spanish, Turkish

Nada is a French/Moroccan Actress. She came from an industrial career, worked as mechanical engineer for different French and American firms.

Her notable work: Intact 2018 (Best actress Award – Varese International Film Festival 2020, Nominated Best Leading Actress Rome Prisma Film Festival 2021) winning multiple awards including Best out of the ordinary at Taos Film Festival 2021 and many other international selections.

Enjoys doing challenges as monologues challenges, did 21 days seltape challenge with a British Cast director and others in Paris with 9 French Cast Directors…a beautiful way for her to discover some Theater and Cinema classics.

She discovered scriptwriting and directing as an actress, fell in love and started taking courses in 2020. She has co-wrote with her friends “Un voyage dans l’espace”, directed “Actrice” and “into the woods” and enjoys doing classical Movies Remakes.

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