Nils Bokanowski is a Belgian actor who started his career more than ten years ago. After making a short film of 15 he begins to get more and more important roles and begins to play leading roles in the short films that are then presented in festival (“The horses of gods” presentation at the age of 30 FIFF in Brussels) or in the series “purple rivers” produced by Europacorp. Nils is a touch to everything since on the side he works on the TV show “The Sneackers” on RTL-TVI. He participates in the 2 seasons. Subsequently he decides to launch behind and in front of the camera and embarks on a project of capsules that he launches with the press. Indeed, Nils made the scene (one man) and was noticed by the production in a full house of 700 people in Brussels. Another show is scheduled for production in November 2018.




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