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PATRICK STOOF (1967) is a well-known Dutch actor. Patrick fell in love with acting after performing for the first time at the age of 15.
Two years later he took various acting, dancing and singing lessons at the Theater Training Class in Amsterdam. On completing training he founded Theatregroup Vogt with fellow
theatre makers. He graduated from the Amsterdam University of the Arts in 1994 as a
theatre director and teacher. After directing theatre for some time, he made his first
comedy solo show which won the prestigious Cameretten Comedy Festival in 1998.
Since then, Patrick has enjoyed a successful acting career performing in many films,
TV series and theatre productions.

Patrick has acted in a number of films including The Heineken Kidnapping (2011),
Jack Bestelt een Broertje (2015), De Reünie (2015), Meester Spion (2015), Kappen!
(2015), The Emmy Award winning film Anything Goes (2015), Soof 2 (2016), Dorst
(2017), De Film van Dylan Heagens (2018), Hallali (2020) and Alles is zoals het zou
moeten zijn (2020).
Stoof has played various guest and lead roles in the following TV series: Flikken
Maastricht (2007), Het Schaep met de 5 Pooten (2009), S1ngle (2008-2010), Van God
los (2011), Wie is de Mol? (2011), Levenslied (2013), Komt een man bij de Dokter
(2012-2014), Smeris (2014) -2017), Circus Noël (2017), Zomer in Zeeland (2018), and
Toren C (2014-2020).

Patrick’s best-known and most successful role is as Hans van de Berg, the always
optimistic ex-millionaire from the popular Telfort telecom commercials. The skill and
timing he gave to the humorous role helped it win the ‘Golden Loeki’, prize for the
best commercial in the Netherlands.
In 1998 Patrick won the prestigious Cameretten Comedy Festival with his solo
program Sparren. He then wrote and acted in his solo show Te Paard! (2001). With
Evil Twins he made and acted in LHO, Lee Harvey Oswald, the Musical at the
Edinburgh Fringe Festval (2005). He also appeared in Knielen op een bed Violen
(2008-2009), Scrooge (2011) and Otis (2013).
Patrick additionally works as theatre director and scriptwriter for several theatre
productions and TV shows.

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