Rhys Horler

— TWIN BROTHER of Gerald Horler —

Winner of “Media Award” at “Hall of Fame London 2014” and “Actor of The Year Award” at “Hall of Fame London 2015“. Rhys’s rugged good looks, strong but sensitive screen presence has enabled him to play a variety of parts including antihero’s, medieval warriors, gangster’s, thugs, rugby player’s and a loving husband. Rhys uses a variety of his skills in his films including martial arts, archery, firearms, knife and tomahawk throwing.

┬áRhys also choreographed all of the fight scenes in the award winning “Pure Bloodlines” films including the other fighters that were involved in the films. Rhys was born in Cardiff, Wales, Rhys’s acting career started when he was 18 years old were he studied in various acting classes, and acted in various theatre shows including “Beverly Hill Billies” and “Oklahoma“, Rhys’s screen acting started shortly after with popular drama’s on S4C and BBC. Rhys also being well know for his martial arts on and off screen, started his martial arts training when he was 13 years old, and is now a martial arts expert, Rhys has won various World Championships, holds 2 black belts and is fully licensed as an instructor and enjoys teaching martial arts and stage combat around his acting, including his own martial arts style called “Gentleman Warrior Self Defence System” which is praised as a very realistic street self defense system and his own stage combat class called “Historical and Modern Stage Combat Class” praised by professional actors and is titles are available through Amazon.com officially on DVD and Digital Download. Rhys’s big break came with the “Pure Bloodlines” Trilogy that he wrote, directed and produced with his twin brother (Gerald Horler), Rhys was awarded the “Media Award” at “The Hall Of Fame London 2014” for his acting, directing, martial arts and fight choreographing for the “Pure Bloodlines: Trilogy” and “Actor Of The Year Award” at “The Hall Of Fame London 2015” for his acting as Alec in “Pure Bloodlines: Bloods Thicker Than Water“, due to the success of the “Pure Bloodlines” films, a comic written by Gerald Horler has been released and a animated series (Pure Bloodlines: Origins) written by Rhys Horler with the voice talent of Rhys Horler as Alec is currently in the works.

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