Accents & Dialects Native: Japanese High standard: Asian, English-Standard, Singaporean Languages Native: Japanese High standard: English

Currently, Rikako has been based in Europe and pursuing her acting career in Film/TV.

Originally from Kobe in Japan. Rikako got super duper inspired by foreign drama at a young age. She started having a dream about performing in front of people around the world someday. 

 After years, she’d trained and took a lot of lessons (dance, musical, singing, stage acting) and graduated from Osaka University of Arts majoring in musicals.

In 2014, joined Universal Studios Japan as an entertainer and performed there for 2 years. In 2016, she passed the audition for Universal Studios Singapore and became the first Japanese performer. She performed in parades and shows for 2.5 years. During her Singapore life, she learned English by watching lots of New Media, created her YouTube channel, and fell in love with being creative. 

After she finished her contract, moved back to Japan and joined the Robot Restaurant Tokyo as a dancer. She’d trained for playing a Wadaiko (Japanese drum), doing a host (Mic performance), and sword fighting. 

 In 2021 she all the way moved to Vancouver Canada and got a Diploma in Acting for Film/TV at Vancouver Acting School. After graduating, she joined a talent agency in Vancouver and appeared in a couple of commercials.

To book or for inquiries: info@jackjilltalentagency.com