Sahar Seddiki

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    Arabic & English
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    Morocco, Middle East, EU and USA

Sahar Seddiki is a well-known Moroccan actress and singer. 

Born in 11/11/87,  lead actress of successful and famous Moroccan drama projects such as the Ramadan series “Zina”, the TV film “Ahlam”, she also played in many other projects such as  “Bab Touba”, “Touria,” “Une Heure en  Enfer”, “Chacha Show”, “Stoon Leklam”… or even in the international scale such as her performance in the Italian film “the Afina Tales of  the lost world” or in the French film “L’amour Qu’il Nous Faut.”

Winner of the talent competition Studio 2m, and finalist of the international tv competition The Voice

 Sahar could be able to gather a various repertoire of jazz, trip hop and danse music such as her songs “Swinguer la vie”, “Zine”, “Falta”, “Moments are brief”performed in various musical projects in Morocco and in several other countries, such as the musical “Piaf toujours,” or  “the International Green Week Festival of Berlin” in 2016 

 For enquries or bookings: or 0031-(0)6-120 54 250