In 2018, He is listed by the Magazine MoodMag as one of the Top 5 movie talents born in Africa and Morocco, alongside international stars, Gad El Maleh and Said Taghmaoui. Next to the Grammy Award winner, Redone, Soufiane was ranked the 4th most important Moroccan Artist in the world according to the Russian number #1 film Magazine, Kinopoisk.

The young international filmmaker and actor, Soufiane El Khalidy, has just completed the new science fiction series “Riley Parra” produced by Tello Films, playing the role of the angel Redwan, as well as the new action film ” Shockwave : Countdown to Disaster” interpreting the character of the young activist. He has also been present on the 8th season of “NCIS: L.A” as, Sayid Yratti. Furthermore, Soufiane is one of the major actors of the drama movie “Gulag Magadan”, produced by Celtic Films.

Between 2016 and 2017, Soufiane has been involved in 56 productions in Los Angeles, including Hollywood movies, commercials, web series, music clips for rock legends (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Train, OK Rock) and television shows, both as an actor/ stuntman and member of the production departments. In 2019, Soufiane will also be present as a SWAT agent on the new Hollywood science fiction film “Stray” with Karen Fukuhara (Suicide Squad), Takayo Fischer (Pirates of the Caribbean, Moneyball) and Christine Woods (Hello Ladies).

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