Swati Nandiwani

    English, Sindhi, Hindi, Creole, a little Spanish
    Freestyle, a little bit of hip hop and quick at picking up steps

Swati Nandwani was born and raised in a small slice of paradise that goes by the name of Belize. She always had a love of performance and would entertain her family members the minute she learned how to walk. She knew she wanted to be an actress when she saw The Godfather at the age of 11. She has done a few student films for established universities like AFI, USC, Regents University London and most recently Bournemouth University. Her latest project “Aurelia” will be entered into festivals upon completion. Although a relatively newcomer to the industry, she is a quick learner and always gives a natural performance. For her empathising with her characters is key. Loves to play complex and damaged characters, and her favourite genres are action and comedy apart from the dramatic dialogue. Gravitates towards playing villains but can just as easily play the girl next door. Hard-working and always eager to learn along the way. She is fluent in English, Sindhi. Hindi, and knows basic Spanish. Watching American television while drowning up helped her nail the American accent, but having lived in Los Angeles for university further helped her perfect it. Has an ear for accents so she can easily pick it up with a dialect coach.


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