• Languages
    Arab, French, English and Spanis
    Both Spain & Morocco
  • Sports & skills
    1. fitness and cycling 2. dubbing 3. guitar, piano and lute 4. Arab percussion

Tarik Rmili was born in 1981 in Rabat (Morocco). His acting
career started in 1998 when he began performing with a theatre group in the city of Salé. He has been a professional international actor in film and TV ever since.
His first role in cinema was in Casa Negra, Morocco’s box office hit of 2006.
After this, he started his education in cinema and now he is an experienced international actor. His first role in Hollywood was in Tyrant, by David Yates, and his latest movie has been Domino, by Brian de Palma.
He lives between Spain and Morocco
He is also an experienced and recognized voice actor in Morocco.

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