English*, Punjabi*, Hindi*, Chinese, Japanese, Korean
    UK, London
  • Skills
    Skills: Piano, Cooking, Wing Chun, Martial Arts, Boxing, Music Producer (EDM), Reading, Firearms and Various Sports.

Right now Taz has just starred in an international film set for worldwide cinema release in 2021. Beginning with a short appearance in TV series Stella, he later worked in various NHS projects in the UK. His key performance in his first feature film Jesters gave him a foundation, later leading to a variety of work in Asia.

Alongside his early career, he kept up his studies and represented his university in The Guardian. Outside of work, he is a qualified first aid Paramedic (previously with St Johns Ambulance), has trained in authentic Wing Chun from Hong Kong, and has a passion for music. You can also find Taz featured in fashion magazines.

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