Toussaint Colombani is a young french actor based in Brussels. After graduating in the Royal Conservatoire of Brussels in theatre acting, he played in various theatres in Brussels (more than 20 professional shows). He also appeared in several short films, features and television series. He is always open for new challenges as an actor, should it be on stage or in front of the camera. Lately he had the leading role in « E-Legal » television serie produced by RTBF in Belgium and broadcasted in the beginning of 2018.

CINEMA (selection)

2018, « Marquetplace », short movie directed by Annick Christiaens, Wild Cherry

2018, « Sympathy for the Devil»,  feature film directed by Guillaume de Fontenay, Nexus Factory

2016, « Good Favour », feature film directed by Rebecca Daly, Wrong men

2016, « Promise at dawn»,  feature film directed by Éric Barbier, Nexus Factory

2008, “Oscar and the Lady in pink”, feature film directed by Eric-Emmanuel, Nexus Factory

2008, “Elève Libre”, feature film directed by Joachim Lafosse, Versus Production

TELEVISION (selection)

2018, « Boldiouk and Bradock » ,  webserie directed by Théophile Roux, La Belle Equipe Productions

2018, « E-legal », television serie directed by Alain Brunard, To Do Today Productions

2014,  « De kroongetuigen », television serie directed by Mathieu Mortelmans, Carambole Productions

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