Walid Mezouar is a Morrocan actor :
-has been in the University Theater of Casablanca
– Joined in 1991 The Dionysus troupe (Cadi Ayad University)
– Joined in 2001 the Regional Theater Troupe in Marrakech
– participated in several national and international festivals in Morocco and abroad (Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Jordan, Algeria, Tunisia, Sweden, France …)
– Throughout his professional career, he has been doing Actor Training Workshops in schools, in collaboration with associations and professional troupes
– He worked as a Stage Director and Assistant in several theatrical shows and animations
-Have won interpretations awards as an actor and as a director
– worked with several national and international troops
– Played as an actor in several Moroccan and Foreign movie
– worked as a coach in several movies
– Currently a stage director at the Dawdiat Culture theater in Marrakech

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