How to show(case) yourself internationally

    6, 12, 13 OCTOBER 2019
    99 EURO



Do you want to be booked for a Netflix series, do you think that is not possible?
Think again.

Who are we
JJTA is an international talent agency with lots of expertise 

We work with all mainstream networks and have 25 years of experience.
All our actors are working actors and we are a very active agent,
We submit our actors every day to Netflix/Paramount/Warner Bros series/films and
they get booked because they have mastered the right attitude/profile/way to present themselves.
Feel free to browse through our database.

If you master English (Native or fluent) and you are an ambitious actor/actress, than this workshop can bring you to the next level.
The time is right: Networks want to fill content: here are some articles about that:

Next to Netflix, HBO, Amazon & Hulu,
new streaming services are popping up: Disney & Apple are also filling content to compete with other networks.
An article on Netflix
An article on Disney & Apple

We always invite people from the industry to give tips
Kimberly Graham  will be dailed in (Skype) for a 5 minutes question round.
She is known for:  Homeland (2011-2018)Avatar (2009)Before Midnight (2013)Love in Kilnerry (2019)

This Workshop is a huge step in the right direction
To join us:

 Get out there! The world is your oyster!