Arabic ( many accents ) , French, English & learning Spanish
  • Date of Birth
    September 2nd 1995.


Yousra Bouhmouch is a moroccan actress, fascinated with theater & cinema from a young age, so much that in middle school she becomes an intern at the french Cours Florent in Casablanca three times, and follow two other Cours Florent internships in Paris in her High School years.

As soon as she graduates , she gets hired to work on the set of an american-moroccan production « Hostage » directed by Mehdi El khaoudi, and even lends a small role in the movie.

Within the same months she starrs in a series called « Al Madani » , as Ytto , one of the main characters of the cast.

Convinced that she’s found her calling, she graduates from the french high school Lycée Descartes, she joins the « L’école du Jeu » in Paris, France for a training and obtains her diploma as a professional theater actress.

She then moved to London in 2015, to improve her english in the KAPLAN internation english school.

Always urging to learn more, She goes back to Paris and learns the art of directing and producing at the École Supérieure d’Etudes Cinématographiques.

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